You can’t programme when psychotic at all!

The thing I really don’t understand is this diagnosis that I have to take anti-psychotics that if you know which not a single twerp in the NSW Health system apart from the individuals that become prosecuted for saying “The drugs

Distasteful McDonald’s & Choco Pie

You know a number of years ago, this was many decades ago when I was a child I remember McDonalds Australia who at the time we’re importing their ‘apple’ pies not as it is today made in Australia from Tasmanian

@Grant_Hackett Done your CYP450 Test? @AbcNews24

Well grant I know what you are going through? For the last 13 years I have had relapsing Drug Psychosis from ill-prescribed medication that my body can’t break down. I will share with you page 4 of my CYP450 test